Week 4 Recap

Headlined by our current fantasy champ Matt Ryan, week 4 offered another crop of strong fantasy performances with a few disappointments. Matty ice lead the charge scoring 35 points, and was trailed by Big Ben Roethlisberger who scored 34. Blake Bortles, Russell Wilson, and Derek Carr were the next best options with 25, 24, and 23 points. Cam Newton had another disappointing week, scoring just 15 points and suffering a concussion. Carson Palmer also went down with a concussion and only managed to score 11 points before leaving the game. Drew Brees was also a bit of a letdown with just 12, and the once hot Matthew Stafford only put up 7.

Matt Ryan has been hot since the start of the season, and this week went no different as he put up 503 pass yards and 4 touchdowns! He has defiantly been the top fantasy option this year at the quarterback position with a total of 105 points. The next best guys are Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger with 81 points apiece. This has been a real surprise to a lot of people after Ryan had such a mediocre year in 2015. The Falcon stud will have a chance to prove his legitimacy this week playing at Denver with their #1 defense.

As ¼ of the season has now come and gone, it has been a frustrating year for fantasy football players dealing with quarterback situations. Quarterbacks are simply being inconsistent this year so far. Matt Ryan is really the one major exception, but he was not expected to be this good. Week 4 was another typical example of inconsistent play, and injuries continuing to pop up. Concussions are no joke. I expect both the Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers to move forward with caution after seeing their QB’s go down that way.

Even the Saints at Chargers game I predicted to be a shootout turned out to be a bit of a dud with Brees and Rivers scoring a mere total of 30 points combined! This is week stuff from guys in matchups that seem very favorable. Inconsistency has truly been the story of this a season, and definitely was in week 4.

Weekly awards:

Jeer of the week: Eli Manning

Comon E. Eli had another rough week with the G-Men and especially with Odell Beckham, his star receiver. The two were clearly not on the same page as Eli Flung a deep ball to the post, and Odell cut to the middle. The pass was eventually cleanly caught like a lob in practice, but it was caught by the Vikings corner. The horrible interception was followed by Manning making oen of his classic “What is going on” faces. Get it together, Giants.

Rookie Spotlight: Dak Prescott

Dak attack! Dak Prescott lead his Cowboys to another win. He has been calm, cool, and consistent all year. Scoring 17 and throwing, for the fourth consecutive week, 0 interceptions. The kid can really play.

Stud of the week: Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan continues to dominate and the 35 points this week were trivial for a lot of close matchups. He torched the Carolina defense and former Carolina corner Josh Norman did not stay quiet about it saying “You get what you pay for.”


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