Week 8 Preview

A spooky week 8

It is Halloween weekend, which also means a spooky week 8 of football. Hopefully well see some WICKED good performances.

If you have not done so yet, please follow my official twitter of Quarterback Attack https://twitter.com/_baileyramirez . I have been tweeting this week and will continue to tweet over the weekend, and especially during the action using the hashtag #BOOM for guys putting up big numbers or big plays. Also, feel free to tweet me using #sitorstart for any lineup advice.


Week 8 and week 9 are home to the most bye week teams of any other weeks. This week, we lose Joe Flacco of the Ravens, Case Keenum of the Rams, Ryan Tannehill of the Dolphins, Eli Manning of my New York Giants, Landry Jones of the Steelers, and Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers.

My top 2 quarterbacks for this week, as well as ESPN’s are Aaron Rodgers (again) and Matt Ryan. Rodgers is projected 20 and Ryan is projected 18. The best part is, they are going up against each other. We might be have a real shootout in store, but if there has been one thing that  we have learned this year, it is that the NFL is unpredictable.












A lot of our other usual studs have tough matchups this week, but I expect Tom Brady to perform, as he usually does, against the Bills. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him put up big numbers in the division matchup.

If you are a Russell Wilson hater currently, because you have him and he has not performed, fret no more, this will be the week he puts up some decent numbers. I am calling this one.


As for backup options for all the bye week QBs and such. Here are my suggestions:

Jameis Winston: Still owned in only 53% of leagues, Winston has a really nice matchup against the Raiders, and he is coming off a strong 20-point week.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: He is back to the starter with Geno Smith out for a while, and he is angry. Fitz called out everyone in the Jets organization for giving up on him, but he still believes in himself. He has the 31st ranked Browns this week, so if there is any time to make a believer out of someone, it would be this week. I believe in Fitzmagic.

“The biggest thing in this game — to last — is to have belief in yourself,” Fitzpatrick said (via NFL.com). “Because when the owner stops believing in you and the GM stops believing in you and the coaches stop believing in you, sometimes all you have is yourself. That’s kind of something I’ve dealt with before and something I’m dealing with now.”

Sleeper of the week: Tyrod Taylor

Taylor had a quiet 23 points last week, and he has the Patriots at home this week. We all know how Rex Ryan likes to stick it to the Pats, so just maybe Tyrod might come out, and put on a show for the big guy. I would not be to surprised.


Good luck to everyone this week and please follow https://twitter.com/_baileyramirez !!

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