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My name is Bailey Ramirez and I am very excited to really get this blog going. I went with the title “Quarterback Attack” because it rhymes and sounds awesome. When I say it in my head, I picture a barrage of quarterbacks throwing, not footballs, but other quarterbacks. Maybe that is a little weird, but I promise it is the content that counts.

My goal for this blog is to “attack” as many fantasy football players as I can with the most up to the minute information on what is going on in the world of the quarterback, and how it can affect your life as a fantasy football player.

I myself am a BIG fantasy football guy. I started my first league in the seventh grade, and I am now proudly in my seventh year as league commissioner, playing with the same nine guys I did back in the seventh grade. Yes, my league is a ten-man league. I am also apart of one other league I like to call “the big boy league” (also ten-man) because it consists of my Dad and his buddies. Believe me though, I have placed top three in all three years this league has existed, so if anything, I am a man amongst boys in this one. I have provided the link to both my teams so you can see exactly what i am doing day in and day out to my own roster. Like I said earlier, they are both ten-man leagues, and additionally, are both on ESPN.

Well, I think that is enough about me. The question now is: what can I do for you? I have decided after all these years of keeping my insider like skills to myself, to share with the world what exactly you need to do and know to be successful this season in fantasy football. However, this winning starts at the commander and chief of your team, which is the quarterback, so this blog will be solely focused on the quarterback position and its fantasy presence.

I want to help you do big things this year! And I believe we will together. What will your opponent do when your quarterback…..attacks? (Insert dramatic music)

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